1. Healthy & Fresh: NO FROZEN, NO ARTIFICIAL, NO POWER. Let us help you to have a HEALTHY LIFE STYLE with HEALTHY DRINK! 

2. Seasonal: most of the peaches are harvested during the Summer season because of the warm climate. Come get your JUICY & DELICIOUS season limited 2 PEACHES only at PARTEA!


Who are we?

We are a local brand that provides 100% natural, refreshing, and stylish tea-based beverages. We value our use of clean and fresh ingredients while promoting a friendly environment. Our main products that we provide to our customers are fruit and cheese teas. Come and have a PARTEA with us!

  • 100 % Natural Everyday
  • 100% Fresh Everyday

Our catering services -  We offer refreshing tea-based beverages to weddings, private parties, corporate events, etc. For more information please contact us below!

Fruit & Cheese Tea

Why the BEST TEA?

OUR TEAS ARE 100% NATURAL and imported from Taiwan. Most of Taiwan’s teas come from the mountains, known as high mountain teas. High mountain teas are "exposed to cooler temperatures and shielded from the sun by perpetual mists. This produces a tea that is less bitter, has a rich character that is fruity to floral and both fruity and creamy or buttery with a long finish that lingers in the throat. This is the unique character of Taiwanese high elevation tea.” - Emilio Jose Del Pozo

Fruit Tea

Our Fruit Tea series are tea-based beverages, mixed with an assortment of fresh fruits. We change fruits everyday to make sure the product are in fresh and healthy condition. We also use 100% natural loose tea/tea bags for any fruit tea-based beverages.

Cheese Tea

The origin of Cheese Tea can be found in Asia. They start by brewing black or green tea followed by topping the tea with a creamy, cheese foam made with whipping cream, milk, and local organic cheese. Finally, they add a pinch of rock salt. A balance between sweetness and saltiness is the key to this drink. 


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